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Welcome to the UAV Research Group Trac Website

On this website you can find detailed technical information about our UAV platforms, tickets covering current and past issues, and find flight test data and reports.


The UAV Research Group uses three sizes of the Ultra Stick aircraft family: the 120, 25e, and Mini. Details for each aircraft in use and associated components can be found on the following pages:

  • UMN FASER: Ultra Stick 120, full instrumentation + air data vanes.
  • GPS FASER: Ultra Stick 120, full instrumentation + 2 GPS receivers.
  • Thor: Ultra Stick 25e, generation 3, full instrumentation.
  • Loki: Ultra Stick 25e, generation 2, avionics stripped and converted into pilot trainer.
  • Odin: Ultra Stick 25e, generation 1, avionics stripped and in storage.
  • MiniUltraStick: Wind tunnel model.

The following pages contain detailed information on the avionics, sensors, software, and R/C equipment:

Flight Test Data and Reports

Lab Organization and Procedures

Documents describing our organization, flight approval and development process, operations and maintenance plan, test ranges, and user manuals can be found here. Links will be added as documents are created and released.

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